1. Gotta tell you, first off thanks for introducing me to this cloud thing, I´m quite a cave man when it comes to this world of internet-social media, and second you feel strongly about the issues that confronts black America. I have to say that I can´t agree on everything, but hey! That´s democracy, plus I like your poetry, it´s well written and the subject matters are relevant, have to be remembered and giving them the spotlight. I´m from Spain, although I did live in the U.S for quite some time as a youngster and to tell you the truth I just never saw, or at least I didn´t give it any thought about the black guys I was with. I hanged with the guys that we got along with and with the ones I didn´t I just let it go. But never entered into my mind all these aspects that you talk about. As I´ve become older ofcourse I realise the hardships, to say the least, that the African American population has suffered, and the how much it can improve still. But I am a believer of self responsibility. I didn´t grow up rich, I came from a pretty bad town in Spain, a lot of drugs, violence, e.t.c. I managed to pull myself together and got to the U.S,with the help of family ofcourse but I didn´t fall into the trap of my town, worked my ass off to get a scholarship, then I fucked up everything and lost the scholarship and ended up living quite not a good life to put it mildly. So I can´t blame anybody but myself. And although in the U.S there are certain portions of the population that are racist, it is a very small portion. Obama won with a huge majority, and that majority was white also. Since the African American community only makes 12-13% of the population, so I don´t think the U.S is a racist society, elements in it ofcourse they are, but not as a whole. Are there inner city problems and the rest? Ofcourse, but I think my reason for this will probably deviate from yours quite a bit. Forgot, glad you liked the little “poetry” I posted the angels of death.

    Read the post about African American being able to have a militia. I don´t see a problem with it, it is the law of the land, but it is a “well regulated militia” the key word here is regulated, so people don´t go nuts and start a second civil war. It was an interesting read. I like reading different opinions and learning from them, plus I like how you write. So if you don´t mind I´ll drop by doing what I call “my cool stalker moves”. If you don´t feel comfortable with me hanging around just tell me and I´ll hit the unfollow button, don´t want to annoy anybody.

    • I read and liked your comment, when I talked about racism I tend to like to talk about systematic racism and police brutality, which even the United Nations have accused the United States of inflicting on its citizens and I will also say that the African-American community as a collective has to clean house and remove a lot of our own negative influences, confronting both those issues is the only way we will move forward as a people. I also look forward to reading more of your work!

      • Hi there, I actually do agree with a lot of of your comment. There is quite police brutality directly mostly towards the African American community since even that you are only 12% of the population the encarceration rate is incredible high for black people. And I also agree about cleaning house, I read some statistics that 70%+ of black kids are giving birth out of wedlock, so there´s no family unity in a lot of instances so kids, as here in Spain, they do tend to go out to the streets and not do very good things. Anyways, I´m glad I stumbles upon a guy that has a good reasoning, and level headed. I´ll be dropping by once in a while to do what I call “my cool stalker moves”. I should coin that phrase….