The Islamic State and Hezbollah Fight For Lebanon:


  1. Bunch of nut cases this guys are. Can´t kill enough of these bastards and they just keep springing out. What can you do, I guess it will be the generation behind me that some of them will be their turn to take some of them out of the picture. Can´t get around it.

      • It´s in human nature, there will always be some extreme nut cases out there. So there there will also always be a counter balance by usually modern civilised societies and that counterbalance most likely than not is the military.

      • I agree that it’s human nature, by religion is extra fuel to the fire, especially if the people feel they are economically disenfranchised, the last Iraqi president (Maliki) pissed off a lot of young men (sunni muslims) with guns in Iraq

      • Yes, you´re right.
        Myself being there in 2003, so for me they can do what they want, we tried and help so for me. Unless they don´t posses an immediate threat to us, let them be. I followed orders at that time, now I don´t follow nothing, just my own orders, I couldn´t care less about those guys over there unless they are of inmediate danger to my country. Plus my body is not up to that task as before. So if it comes, it will be the generation that comes after mine for them to step up and do what they have to do. I just don´t give it too much thought now, no point in doing so.

        Talking geopolitical, well if Obama would have listened to his commanders on the ground, to live a residual force there of 10-20 thousand “advisors” that I don´t know if you know but the so called advisors are in quite dangerous places and very well be part of pulling the trigger. So leaving that residual force, what do you have, input from the Americans, more than input is muscle flexing and basically controlling this Maliki guy. If not, weather you think going into Iraq was the correct thing to do or not, we went period. So that is done, you have to do damage control. And leaving American forces there, would have prevented the rise of ISIL, and then the president hesitation and the phrase of “leading from behind” which as a former soldier I´m still scratching my head as to how in the world do you lead from behind, and putting up the famous “red lines” if the other nut job dictator in Syria did this or that and when he did do this or that there wa s no action by the U.S that creates confusion. But not confusion in the bad guys, for the bad guys is very clear. They see weakness, and they thrive on that.
        It creates confusion and loss of credibility for the Europeans, that are thinking to themselves, “hey, we can´t do this alone, we need the U.S to be the top dog here and we then can follow but if this Obama is playing political games, is he going in then the next month he says another thing, what the hell do we do? O well, we stay out of it since we just don´t have the resources of the American militiary” That is the reality.

        So by Mr. Obama´s actions and then innactions it has really created the turmoil you are seeing now.

        But for me, personally, having been there, as of right now I could care less as long as they stay “over there”

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