1. I like the comedy news. At least they’re honest about it.

    When it comes to politics, it doesn’t matter what sex, color, or age, corruption seems rampant.

    From what I’ve read about Ferguson, it’s one of the worst cities for police oppression. I don’t understand why a Grand Jury heard the case, a venue where the police officer couldn’t be cross-examined.

    There’s a lot of violence against homeless and people with mental illness, too, regardless of color. One woman called police to help with her mentally disabled son and they shot her son.

    It seems to many people of all races, mental health, ages and sexes that there are more new police officers being hired who think they’re in 1930’s Germany than in the USA.

  2. Hi Leon. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Racism is not an American thing it’s ingrained within humanity since the beginning of time and, I think, is more a class issue than a race issue. Thus the difficulty to get rid of it. Yes, leaving under it is trying but America is going forward, however excrutiatingly slowly, too slowly. You may be interested in two shorts stories I wrote on this subject, in Chicago and in Mississipy. First one is called Lake Shore Trivia (, the second Catfish Burning ( Yet, with for your courage, there hope somewhere, somewhere.

    • I agree that racism is a human thing, but so is sexism and homophobia, yet no one tells a gay or woman that they should not fight for their rights because classism exists. In fact racism, homophobia and sexism are all forms of classism, but I do agree that economic classism does exist and affects us all, but it has been affecting blacks since we’ve been in this country. In the 1920’s successful black towns like black Wallstreet street (black part of Tulsa) werr destroyed by lynch mobs, in the 1960’s the FBI’s counter intelligence program (cointelpro) under the supervision of J.Edgar Hoover, infiltrated and helped destroy the black power movement. And even after integration, a little thing called white flight happened, when whites moved to the suburbs to get away from blacks, taking the good jobs and leaving a decaying infrastructure. So whites feeling bad about the affects of classism, like gentrification or being economically disenfranchised, well welcome to the club, blacks have experienced this for decades, it’s called being a”NIGGA!”

  3. Dude you have the faith of new converts. And so you should. and you have valid arguments. And yes you should be angry, I am in my own ways. But be proud that “Nigga” is such an American word, it’s now part of American lingua, like Michael Jordan or Miles Davis.
    Ask anyone in the world whom do they know in America, chances are they’ll quote a nigger, save for Bill Clinton and JFK. Martin, Malcolm, Rosa, Bigger, Nat, Jake. So American and so ingrained.
    Injustice is unfair for sure but I’m not worried for Blacks’ contribution to american’s culture, they were there very early, save for the Boston families. Way before you if I understand correctly.
    Then again, you’re right, Detroit was apartheid in the 80’s. Still is? You tell me. Should you light a candle to De Clerck and smile at better days coming?
    In the mean time, you’re right, like women and gays and many others looked upon, fight with words and ideas. Stand up, like my Jamaican friend would say, past the ten miles ring. Now, across ambassador Bridge, ain’t there another world.
    Nice to meet with you Leon

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