1. Hi there Leon, yes black men and women have had a tragic history in American life, but you do have a black president now, we are in 2014. Black men and women should know very well their history in order to realise the progress that they have made. They have made I say it again, not whites for them but they themselves.

    I don´t believe for a single second that if a black man applies for a job in the U.S and proves to be better than a white and can make more money for the company that the white would get the job. The key word money, for the company. Asians and Jews also had it very very tough and where very discriminated by white society when the great wave of immigration reached the U.S, and look at them, they´re the brightest of the bright for the most part.

    Black people now have been in my opinion indoctrinated by politicians and the types like Al Sharpton to make them believe they are being held down by white society, that they are victims. Obviously these politicians need that narrative in order to keep themselves in positions of power.

    Did you ever see the movie ” pursuit of happiness” by Will Smith, or “Man of Honour” by Cuba Gooding Jr. Those are few examples, and like those there are millions.

    Maybe black society should address and take responsibility now in the year 2014 as to why an extreme percentage of black families are broken families, family plays a big role and most important also the greatest role is the one of self responsibility. Not play the role of a victim which inevitable you use it as an excuse to explain the bad things one might do or why they can´t get out of poverty.

    And the quote about a cage bird that thinks flying is an illness well I´ll take the example of my father, he grew up in a dictatorship here in Spain, extremely poor in a very small town. His father died when he was 16, so all factors should indicate that he should have taken the wrong road as most of his friends in that town did. But no, he decided at age 16 to get his mother to sign the papers that basically said “you´re own your own I´m not accountable for you” the emancipation papers they called it here in Spain, and he went out to the world to succeed and he did, with all odds against him, going days and days without food, but he made it.

    So for me, there is not justification now in 2014 with a black president in power,which keeps propping his base by going with the narrative that black men and women are victims, for me there is no justification that a black man will say I became a criminal because of white society. It´s just not a fact. It´s all about self responsibility and drive. Period.

    Broken families and crime in those areas are the things black society has to address for themselves, and solve them the problem. But is much easier for politicians to blame white society, keeps them in power so is much easier for everyone to say they are victims. For me it´s just a bunch of crap in the year 2014.

    That was a long comment…..

    • I agree with much of your comment, but I also that blacks in America have to take the responsibility for how they have played their cards and they have played cards very shitty in recent decades.

      But I also we have to be honest, white society have handed blacks a horrible hand of cards.

      Unlike the white Jews (not to be confused Arab Jews and Ethiopian) or the Irish and Italians, who when they got to this country they to were treated like second class citizens, (not as bad as blacks, they were not lynched during this same time period), but they were still mistreated.

      But unlike blacks they were eventually allowed into white society and accepted as white people. And the Asian as bad as they were Treated they were not slaves, they were not lynched and they were not mis-educated, even the Japanese Americans after ww2, were eventually given reparations, after being unlawfully put in camps by the U.S government. with those Reparations they could help build an economic infrastructure within their community.

      The reason why there is no Black America infrastructure, is because when ever blacks tried to get one it was destroyed. like some black towns in the 1920’s like black Wallstreet ( black part of Tulsa) or Rosewood, like many other black towns during that time.

      In the 1960’s , when the black power movement began, the FBI had a program set up to destroy it, call cointelpro( counter intelligence program), which not only spied on leaders Like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, to try to get dirt to black mail them, like they are rumored to have done to MLK, but they also assisted the Chicago PD with Killing black panther leader Fred Hampton.

      Hell even in the 80’s with Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs, which profiled blacks, even though, lets face it, whites do drugs just as much if not more than blacks because they can afford it, and during this same time people working for Reagan were helping out the contras, which also help bring drugs in this country, which disenfranchised blacks sold, like the disenfranchised Jews, Italians and Irish sold bootleg alcohol in their day.

      I agree a lot of time has passed, we have a half-white president, who does absolutely nothing for the black community. But that still does not mean white supremacy is dead, and when intelligent people call out racism, we are not calling all whites racists, we are calling out the racists who happen to be white, and since Obama election and then re-election, some of them seem pretty embolden!

      Also Al Sharpton is not the leader of black America, blacks as a whole, don’t care about that old turkey neck bastard, white America calls him the leader and give hear tv time, not black people.

      And like you said women, especially white women have come, far, but white women were receiving even 10% of the discrimination blacks were or are and yet they still have feminists groups arestill fighting for equal rights and white women, not blacks get the most affirmative action, because as women in the work place they are considered a minority group, because as women they too get discriminated against on jobs, even though they may be qualified.

      So if a pretty white woman can be discriminated against for a job, you can bet blacks get in X times over.

      Now that is not an excuse to quit, in fact it should be a reason to unify, get on the same page and perform group economics like Asians in China or Korea Town. We should get rid of the Hood and Start New Africa town or something haha!

      But both sides have to be honest a lot of mental and generational damage has been done to the black Africa community, some the main things that have to be done is to forgot about black leaders, because real black leaders get killed.

      Blacks need to create a code of conduct like some immigrant groups have ( I know this because most my family is from Africa) . and within that code, the main goals have to be to build a business infrastructure, which will create more jobs, which make less violent crime. And the 2nd goal would be fix the horrible school system and teach the black youth that they were something more than slaves and thugs. I know growing up in Detroit as a kid, knowing make culture and history became my bible in many ways.

      knowledge is power, so lack of knowledge leaves you powerless!

      • I completely agree with what you said, knowledge is power. And since you are the one who has lived it, you better than anyone else knows that the school system should be better, although for white, asian, and other races it´s not all that good. So as you said at the end of the comment,since the rest was interesting but it is history and we have to focus on the now, and the possibilities that black people have right now not what happened in the past, it´s essential for people to know about their past but they have to operate in the present without resentment.

        I still believe that white society is not now, responsible for a great majority of black people to live the way they live in the so called “gettos” which that should be an insult to the Jews. And why not adress the fact that the majority of deaths, by criminals is blacks between blacks. Why does nobody address that.

        I have quite a few of black friend that have come from poverty, and they have made it. They are not rich, but they live a comfortable live. They can pay the rent and have a decent job. They have grown up in places where you step out the door and you see drug dealers and the quick money ( so did I by the way) and they chose another path, so for me again as of now in 2014 is self responsibility. It´s just something that has been taught to me since a kid, and when I got in problems dad and mommy where not there to cover my ass, I did wrong I carried the consequences. And I have done quite of wrong and paid for it. So it´s all self responsibility, if not it´s a quick way for always blaming others for your problems and that will never advance you in society. I learned that the hard way.

      • Agreed! But p.s the vast majority of violent crimes against whites are against other whites, because for the most part we live pretty segregated! FOX NEWS ALWAYS FORGOT TO MENTION THAT HAHA! That being said I can’t stand Fox news or Cnn , none of them cure anything, they only cause more problems, but like chris Rock said ” the money is in the medicine, not the cure”.

      • How can you hate fox new, have you seen the hotties over there giving out the news, Even have stopped buying porn movies because of Fox News, so they have helped me to save money 😉

  2. I agree think about how much more important he would be. A lot of the times people don’t know about SELF because of the images that have been portrayed in mass media or the environment they’ve been exposed to. It would be great to have young black men know their true history and not something fictitious that they put together in a movie. Knowledge is key, but at some point who’s responsible for teaching them? The TV? Their elders, parents, neighbors…who? How do you get them to want to know about their history and have the awakening of self?

    • The only thing you or I can do is to continue to educate ourselves and people around us. Teach those that want to learn and let those that don’t do whatever they want. I took it upon myself to write a book and I will continue to write and who know maybe even use kickstarter to raise money for a black history movie , like writer and independent film maker Tariq Nasheed did with the Hidden Colors documentary series. We don’t need white and racist Hollywood to do anything for us, we can do it ourselves.

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