As much as the white christian right community, might try to pretend that President Barack Obama’s comments at the National prayer Breakfast a couple weeks ago were offensive, when he stated: ” In our country , slavery and Jim crow all to often was justified in the name of Christ”.

Not only were President Obama’s statements not offensive, they were accurate and damn near an under statement.

What he should of said, is evil things are being done in the name of Islam, the same way evil things have been done in the name of Christ, for example:

1. The Crusades
3.Genocide of Native Americans
4. Jim Crow
5. Lynchings
6. Colonialism
combined killed tens of milions of people in the name of Christ.

Don’t get me wrong, what terrorist groups like ISIS are doing, is evil and they must be stopped, but before we are so quick to blame it all on Islamic terrorism, maybe we the people should take a look in the mirror and think how American imperialism is making us enemies throughout the world. I.S.I.S did not even exist until the united States unlawfully attacked Iraq, despite not being sanctioned by the United Nations and the international community. Since the beginning of the war, hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis have died as collateral damage and many of the Sunnis who held government positions were disenfranchised by the U.S and it’s puppet regime.

So yes, we must stop Islamic extremism, as soon as we stop American and western Imperialism, or the cycle of violence will never end.


  1. The first two images say it all!
    I know Obama has his enemies, even from the black population over there in USA, but I have to say that I am thankful that I have lived in the age of a ‘black’ president married to a supremely intelligent black woman. Their children great to have them in that house too – the icing on the cake would have been for there to be a son. Wow! A nearly 100% black man in the White House! My grandmother would have loved to have seen this too but she transcended to the over side some years ago.

    Some argue that it is the people not religion that is the problem.
    Unfortunately as humans, it is the other humans representing their faith who give there religion a sickening name.

    Atheists, use this to say “This is why I don’t believe in God.” or Whoever they were raised to believe in. Christians distance or separate themselves from other Christians and Muslims well we can clearly see what is going on. I speak for myself and as well a many UK black people we were totally against US going to that war, but unfortunately the UK chose again to be the lap dogs of the USA.

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