Shawn Wolf with event staff.


  A throwback to the days of Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey, local bay area activist out of East Oakland California, Shawn Wolf hopes to accomplish with his charity the “Bay area black community” what his two predecessors could not, and thatโ€™s group economics and a thriving middle class in the African-American community.

On his website Wolf states: “The Bay Area Black Community is dedicated to the economic empowerment, education & training of the Black African extended family…. including our history; with emphasis on re-establishing our kinship to one another! ”

Wolf’s organization is only about a year old and they have already started to impact the economically disenfranchised East Oakland black community, holding their first Town Hall meeting and Job Fair at William Chapel Missionary Baptist Church February 28, 2015 , with plans for a second event on May 16, 2015.

If anyone would like to checkout Shawn Wolf or the Bay Area Black Community Organization, please visit Bayareablack.org or Https:// http://www.facebook.com/Bayareablackcommunity

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