1. Sadly, I must agree. Just yesterday I overheard comments about we (Americans) never see white Americans behaving in such a way. I think ignorance makes a lot of people blind. My heart breaks for those whose have been directly impacted by this tragic event.

  2. There;s nothing that frightens me more at night than a crowd of young, drunk white males, I will always look around for Black men for protection,
    And Black men have always walked me to my car, Sure, a few might come on to me, I mean they ARE guys. But they’re not, like,
    WEIRD and crazy. I have never been harmed by an African-American. I have been harmed by other whites,

    • I wished more people thought like you, you won’t believe how many times I have been profiled by the police, stalked by mall security and even walked down the street weau a suit and still had white women grab their purse. I sometimes tell my white friends that even though we may be walking down the same street we live in different worlds!