They took us from our country

Took away our history

Like black Wallstreet they destroyed our economy

Miseducated you and me

Police kill us freely in the streets

And they blame us for our own misery!


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  1. Reply to “What They Did to We”
    by Leon Kwasi Kuntuo Aasare

    But every time they lie
    They tighten their own chain
    The chain they mean for you
    Is marked with their own names.
    I swear that some have vowed
    That the next time cops take aim
    They should think about that bullet:
    heading for…another brain.

    We will stand between you
    Until they put away their guns
    and waken from their horror
    of killing fathers and their sons

    When they prove they can speak truth, that your lives belong to you
    We will see the light of justice as it comes shining through.

    of the lives that we are honored
    To defend, to treasure, empower

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