1. Normally i would agree with this education is a key resource to self awareness and fullifilment. However. In my own life, the more education i acquired the less employable i have found myself. I value my education very much, just wish i was not being punished for it.

  2. I agree and I like that you say education, that being the operative word. There is a difference and Malcolm X was educated, not schooled. It would be nice if our schools dished out real education. “They” don’t want the masses educated. We would surely rebel then.

    • I agree with that, he should of able to get the education he got in prison, while he was in school. That being said that knowledge is out there, so it’s up to us to find it. We can’t expect our oppressors to educate us, we must educate ourselves and like minded people. Then we can attempt to make a movement, large or small.

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