One industry that has been able to do a lot of political lobbying on the down-low without all the backlash that oil and pharmaceutical companies receive is the for profit prison industry.

The two largest and most powerful for profit prison companies, GEO and Corrections Corporation Of America since 1989 have spent more than $10 million to support candidates that they wanted in office and have spent $25 million on various lobbying efforts.

Not surprisingly these two private prison earn $3.3 billion a year, with government prison contracts, now that the prison population has more than doubled from 2000 to 2010, a report by the justice policy institute states.

Corporate prisons now hold almost half of all illegal immigrants detainees and their are now about 130 corporate prisons nationwide.

One example of how influential these private prisons lobbies are is , while Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio was leading the Florida house of Representatives, GEO was awarded a state contract worth $110 million dollars, not surprisingly Rubio had currently received nearly $40,000 in campaign donations from GEO.

Private prisons also tend to lobby for laws that support their business, like California’s three-strike rule and Arizona’s highly controversial anti-illegal immigration law.

If the growing influence of private prisons continue, private prisons will become the worst accepted injustice since slavery!

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