In yet another case of white supremacist domestic terrorism, nine people were massacred at the historic Methodist Episopal Church, in South Carolina, during bible study, at around 9pm Wednesday night.

Luckily but not surprisingly for the good citizens of that area, the armed and dangerous white supremacist suspect Dylann Roof was arrested without a single bullet being fired by the police on Thursday morning.

Unfortunately we have to keep in mind this is not an isolated incident and is just another in a long list of domestic terrorism attacks inflicted against the black community, just to name a couple of the “Move bombing in Philadelphia in 1985” or the “TULSA RACE RIOT IN 1921”.


White Domestic Terrorist Guns Down Nine People During Bible Study, Feared Blacks Were โ€˜Taking Over Our Countryโ€™


  1. I published a book recently based on a dream. I see America headed down a slippery slope. We are lurching backwards. It will give the government reason to increase authority and intrusion. Racism is on the rise again, well, maybe it has always just been brewing and concocting under the surface, waiting to strike. Here we go.

    • Agreed, Obama when he spoke about the shooting, talked more about gun laws than mental health or systematic racism, and racism has increased since Obama has entered Office, so this is not the time to give up but rather the time to continue to fight more tactfully and strategically, instead of emotionally. Post racism, my ass!

  2. It’s sad to see this kind of tragedy happening over and over again. Thanks God he was arrested. I have my own opinion about racism, and I think Obama instead of behaving like a movie star, he should behave more like the leader that he’s supposed to be. Only my opinion.

  3. I know we must speak and write about this tragedy but I wish his face would disappear from all coverage, making him a nothing, invisible clichรฉ, just another faceless racist hater that needs no fame, just to disappear to his doom, just an unknown.

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