“Keep your damn hands to yourself” is a term that should viewed as law of the land in America, no matter your race, gender or sexual orientation, no one should be allowed to feel they can batter another person because of an argument or disagreement and not have to deal with repercussions. That being said what people should do is often the opposite of what people actually do.

Without a doubt domestic violence is a major issue in the United States, straight, bi, gay, Transgender, male, female, all these subgroups of the American population, have people in their group who have committed assault and battery on their loved ones, which proves that domestic violence is not a male vs. female issue, rather it’s a humanity issue, that needs to be addressed in the proper and educated manner.

Instead the major media corporations continue to omit the fact that men make up about 40% of domestic violence victims, in an article titled: “More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male, report reveals” by the and published on September 4, 2010 stated : “Data from home office statistical bulletins and the British crime survey show that men made up about 40% of domestic violence victims each year between 2004-5 and 2008-9”.



Instead when a woman hits a man it’s a joke on Saturday night live like when Solange Knowles , the sister of R&B/pop diva Beyonce and sister-in-law to rap legend and music mogul Jay Z, decided to punch and kick her brother-in-law in a tight elevator, while she was wearing dangerously sharp high heels.

Media companies like DISNEY/ABC/ESPN for the most part simply ignored the fact that women’s WorldCup Soccer player Hope Solo has been involved in at least two cases of domestic violence in which she was the aggressor.

The media instead downplays or ignores domestic violence committed by women to focus months on the issue of violence committed by men, especially black men, even if it was in self-defense against a crazed and violent woman, e.g. the Ray rice incident when he punched his then girlfriend/now wife in the face after she pimped slap him or the FSU quarterback De’andre Johnson, who punched a woman in a bar after she reportedly yelled racial slurs at him and is on video seen punching him .


Both male Football players so far have had their careers cut short, while Solange is more famous now after she attacked Jay Z and Hope Solo just won a WorldCup and is expected to be in the FIFA 2016 video game.

So to my fellow Americans, I think we can all agree that domestic violence is horrific, so lets just have one standard that domestic violence is wrong and the aggressor should be punished, no matter their sex, race or sexual orientation.



  1. I would argue that female on male relational aggression is a more pernicious and insidious problem , but it appears that Wikipedia has mysteriously deleted their article on it, so I cannot easily explain. Based on personal suspicions and experiences.

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