Twitter plans to take a page out of the book of social media media corporation pinterest, by fixing some of their issues with the lack of diversity within their company, earlier this year Pinterest hired Paradigm, to give their employees some diversity training.

Today Twitter is a white and male dominated company, with males taking up 78% of all leadership positions and white males specifically taking up 72% of all leadership positions and blacks taking up as little as 2% of Twitter’s workforce.

By 2016 Twitter hopes to increase its female workforce to 35% and increase its underrepresented minorities to an overall 11%.

Twitter also plans to target talent at some historically black colleges.

For additional information use the link :

Twitter Aims to Improve Diversity by Following in Pinterest’s Footsteps


  1. This is a really good thing overall, but isnt it kind of positive discrimination? I don’t think they should have to try so hard to represent all people. They should just hire whoever is good in the first place, no matter race or gender. :/ idk.

    • In a way yes, but at the same time it is in response to decades of discrimination, from the old boys club (old straight white men) who discriminated and set people back for the next few generations. That being said, I think the best person should be hired no matter race, age or gender, but Looking for talent from all places and backgrounds is always a good thing, because different people can bring different aspects to a company, trying to enter different markets.

  2. Nothing ever changes. I hate white corporate america anyway and especially social media. I wish someone could just topple them instead of joining the ranks. Same went for feminism. No real change, just now we can all join the corporate ranks. No thanks. Just my own opinion as a white female, who wants no part of it. I worked in corporate mental health, yes mental health is corporate, and I couldn’t stand the backstabbing and unethical crap they shove on you. If you question anything, your in TROUBLE, of which I found myself in way too many times. I had to leave for good. The grass isn’t so green after all. Now, I work for myself as a pet sitter and feel so much better about what I’m doing. No more corporate pressure or the feeling of being in the thick of unethical activity. What a relief. Just my opinion.