• Hahaha, Pamela, I love your personality. Truth be told, I very seldom read a whole long blog post and usually on read partial post, because I am very busy with my own blog, writing my third book of poetry and working on a startup with my brother, plus I read several chapters of business books a day ( check out steve blank). But I do look at my fellow bloggers post when they come across my screen and if I like them of find them interesting. So I did read part of your post when the Hanging Nazi, when it came across blogs I follow screen, even if I did not check out your whole profile. To be honest I like to jam pack my short blog post with important info and leave out most of the filler words, I found out most people shut off after the first few lines, it’s sort of like a person talking to you but is not getting straight to the point. That being said, good luck on your blog.

    • That’s because white Americans on a mass scale, have not had their history and ancestry stolen from them from slavery, so on a personal level, if you ask a white American his ethnic background, he/she can tell you: German, Irish, Greek, etc. Most black Americans can’t say that. I am lucky to have family from Ghana, so I can say I am American, but my ethnicity is Ghanaian/ Asante. I guess I am lucky your British ancestors did not steal my ancestors, like they did to millions of other blacks haha!