1. I feel here in England shall be the next America, when it comes to young black men and the “lawful” ethnic cleansing!
    You have a very interesting site/blog, and this is necessary, in fact crucial to put forward these atrocities that befall black communities!

  2. I was surprised when The Young Turks did that video a while ago. The first time I heard about Black Wall Street was when the rapper Immortal Technique mentioned it in passing in an interview with DJ Vlad a while ago. How is it that I first heard about this place from someone who was born in Lima, Peru of all places than someone directly from America? I watched the documentary Hate Crimes in the Heartland which goes in detail about Black Wall Street. They had the 3 remaining survivors of the massacre. This one woman talked about how the White mob had American flags around them while gunning down the citizens. She mentioned that her mom told her “Your country is shooting at you!” as she broke down in tears. How is an event like the Tulsa Race Riot NOT an act of terrorism? Seriously, Black Wall Street was the first place in America to be bombed via airstrike twenty years before Pearl Harbor.

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