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  1. Leon thank you for the opportunity to respond. I truly appreciate it! I totally agree if you mean that I cannot find peace through another individual or circumstance. Individuals are fickle and circumstances too easily change. However, I disagree when you say that I can only find it within because all of us too easily are swayed by people and circumstance. Also we ourselves by nature struggle with finding inner peace – hence we look to people and circumstance for peace. I have sought peace within and without and always find myself running short, especially when times get hard. The only place I have found peace that is stronger than me or my circumstance is in relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m not talking religion! Im talking relationship. His peace is amazing! Beyond imagining actually. His peace has carried me through the death of a beloved husband and through the turmoil of two teenaged son’s who have struggled immensely because of their parents’ deaths. That is a peace no one can muster. And when I try and muster it myself I am unable and must return to Jesus for it. He says, “My peace I leave with you and my peace I give unto you”. The Bible also calls it a “peace that passes all understanding that will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus”. I have found it to be true.

    Thank you again for the opportunity. Have a great week!

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