1. Leon, I really don’t understand when you in one breath speak out against violence against blacks, but make such a crass comment about terrorism against others. I imagine that there were blacks, whites, children, Indians, etc, among the crowd that day in Paris – it is such a multi-cultural city. There may have even been Muslims present. Those who promote promote such terrorism are color blind in their hatred – and when our fellow man is terrorized, so should we be color blind in the crying out for justice! Those people didn’t do anything to deserve what they received. Those families who lost family members that day weren’t sought out because of their political or racial preferences. They were at the wrong place at the wrong time. At least be consistent in your hatred of innocents being slaughtered!

    • What you said is either a full blown lie or a horrible misinterpretation of what the lady said. She said we all should feel sorry for the innocent people who died, but we don’t need to feel sorry for the French government which still continues to do evil to darker people around the world.

      But since you’re all about innocent life, died you pray for the terrorist attacks in Nigeria or Mali, no you didn’t!

      Did you cry for the over 200,000 innocent women,children and men who have lost their lives since the Iraq war, a war the U.N was against, no you didn’t!

      Remember the group isis that attacked those people did not even exist until Bush attackef Iraq, killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, disenfranchised the Sunnis and pretty much destroyed the area, with his allies which includes France .

      And like Jesus I believe in turning the other cheek, but even jesus got a whip and kicked people out of the people, for doing things he felt were disrespectful.
      None I am sure was as bad as killing 200,000 innocent people.

      • Leon, I am probably not as up on the news as you are, but in any time or space where innocents are slaughtered, whether white, black or otherwise, my heart cries. It wasn’t the government of France that was most harmed. It was it’s people. And unfortunately, with any government that wrongly acts, it is it’s people and not they who suffer most. Please do not assume that I would not care just because the color of my skin is different from yours. For such assumptions are wrong and misinformed as well. God bless you as you speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. I pray that your attitude along with the voice would be the same as Christ’s, who gave his own life for those who didn’t even realize they needed saving.

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