1. Wow, I have seen other cases were people have had there entire life flushed because of false statements, stereo typing or just plain old small town ignorance. What does this man do now…… how many others are in the same boat. It is clear that his time spent in jail will change him. How to you make up for that time. I really wish it was just a race thing because as people we are becoming more enlightened to the fact that skin color does not make the man, however the problem seems deeper than that. I hope in a short time to come we will all look back at this type of thing and see how stupid we were.( Flat earth thinking) . Dan

  2. This is only one of many comparable cases I have been made aware of recently through campaigners like Amnesty and on multi media sources. I’ve watched a documentary this week called Making a Murderer, about the wrongful imprisonment of Steven Avery in Wisconsin, his release after serving eighteen years, and then a second charge and conviction for rape and murder. It was a gripping documentary, exposing corruption in a county police department and bias from the DAs office right up to the judge. Actually very shocking and frightening. Alarm bells should be ringing all over the USA about the frequency of convictions made on the most UNSUBSTANTIATED EVIDENCE some of which simply WOULD NOT BE ADMISSABLE the U.K. Lawyers seem to be allowed to quote gossip and give opinions, rather than be directed by judges to ‘stick to the FACTS’. The plea bargaining system your country operates makes a mockery of a fair and just prosecution in your trial system. The deep rooted problem is clearly that you have a very class divided society, where the conservative white lower working class who serve on juries are economically/religeously biased and colour prejudiced, determined to oppress and persecute the black and uneducated. The chance of getting justice in an American court of law is no more than the toss of a coin. That’s not how to run a justice system and your politicians must start working for change. We look at what happens in the middle east and think their justice is harsh. It’s different but no worse than America.

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