1. Excellent post Leon,

    I kept a long article that I read a few years ago on Gandhi which pointed out the same and similar things. My record states ’09-10.04.11/Weekend Australian: “Mahatma Gandhi: hypocrite, racist, weirdo”, Andrew Roberts. A new book on the sainted Indian leader presents all the disturbing facts.’

    The ‘moral’ being, never believe in another as a ‘god’ or ‘saviour’. Which is to say acknowledge, respect and appreciate their efforts – but always critically.

    I also have a cartoon which shows a person standing very self-importantly with arms folded and feet spread on a cube of earth. Immediately in front of him, kneeling at the bottom of the same cube-shaped space from which that earth had been removed is another person, hands clasped, praying up to him…

    Best regards, Phil

  2. I am a proud South African…..Who act lives in South Africa. I have some very different views on things, however I wont bore you to death with them. What I will say is don’t believe everything you are told. Propaganda is rife in our society. Don’t be afraid to question what is so called fact because lets face it, HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE VICTORS.
    Just a thought: Why is it that the nation that is so against anyone else having nukes are the only ones ever to act used them. Not to mention that they killed mainly civilians. Maybe a bit of a war crime? If Hitler had done that it would not have been a war crime….Maybe….. Why is it that the country that is always sprouting about peace has by far the biggest arsenal in the world. I don’t believe for a moment that it is the people of that nation, I am sure that they are also tired of loosing sons and daughters over the political aspirations of a few.Keep the great stories coming. Dan

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