3 thoughts on ““Black People Stop Marching and Protesting And START PRACTING GROUP ECONOMICS, ACCORDING TO Dr. Claud Anderson”

  1. Peace marching has been a way of bonding for our people and a valuable tool for bringing us together on a united front. It is a means to a end not the end. Neither is the Babylon system of gread and exploitation. UNITY on all fronts ; economic, political, spiritual, educational, cultural, is what will be required to uplift our people to the level of self determination we need to achieve FREEDOM !

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    1. Marching is cool, but boycotts are what really worked in the 60’s which is why marching is promoted in media and not boycotting , and we have to speak with our dollars, everyone else hires lobbyists, fund politicians and pay for ads on tv to push their agendas. And practicing group economics to empower yourself and your people is not greed,it’s a necessity, since black people are the poorest and most economically disenfranchised People in the nation. With that money you can affect change politically, educationally, culturally, and even spiritually, if you want to fund religious programs.

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      1. The power rests with the people. They need to seize it, use it. It can be done. But not if you truly think and believe you have been disenfranchised. The whole system is designed to disenfranchise voters. That is how minorities and the poor remain held in bondage to this day. Government isn’t helping them. Not in the least.

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