5 thoughts on ““Black Wall Street • Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921 Full Documentary “We will NEVER FORGET””

  1. Thanks for the video. History tells us that when Blacks become independent and successful, that there are no guarantees that their work and accomplishments will not go up in smoke overnight. Since the 1970’s, rather than use outright violence, city building codes and other business practices are used to make it as difficult as possible for there to be another Black Wall Street.

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    1. Glade you liked it! I one thing I got from learning about black Wallstreet is that we can build something great, we just have to rebuild our confidence, because we have the far better access to resources and tools to protect ourselves than our ancestors. Lets me honest you or me could start a movement in the not to distance future, we could not do that in the past.

      I see sistas with natural hair, looking proud and beautiful, and I see blacks starting to be progressive again, we just have to remember not be crabs in a barrel.

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