On Saturday riot police were called in when approximately 1,300 far-right protesters, (who were protesting against muslim asylum seekers and the New Years Eve attacks on women ) became violent.

The recent German anger stems from the German government deciding to open its doors to 1.1 million asylum seekers, who are mainly from the muslim world and the recent New Years Eve attack on several German women, where several women were allegedly robbed and molested by men mainly from the muslim world.

The protest was organized by the far-right Anti-Islam P.E.G.I.D.A ( Patriotic Europeans against Islamization of the West) movement.

Allegedly some protesters bore tattoos of Germany nationalistic symbols.

According to Al Jezeera :

“Earlier in the week, German federal police said they had identified 32 people who were suspected of playing a role in the attacks on women on Cologne, 22 of whom were in the process of seeking asylum in Germany.

They documented 76 criminal acts, most of them involving some form of theft, and seven linked to sexual molestation.

Of the suspects, nine were Algerian, eight Moroccan, five Iranian and four Syrian. Three German citizens, an Iraqi, a Serb and a U.S. citizen were also identified.”


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