• Well, as a black man I know many black people who voted for Obama simply because he’s black and they knew very little about his policies. Also an individual person is very smart, but as a group people are pretty stupid, for example the Clintons do well with the black community, Bill Clinton was even called the first black president, yet the Clintons have done more to hurt the black community, with their super predator theory and 3rd strike law than most southern republicans. I’m just saying she is a corrupt politician who cares about the plight of women just as much as Obama cares about the black community, not very much.

      • No, you weren’t saying she was corrupt, you did not say that at all in fact. It would have been better to say what you meant than assuming women (even a group) are stupid beings that can only vote their gender. Nevertheless I still disagree with your views. And as a white women, I voted for Obama and still would looking back…

      • First of all don’t ever tell me what I meant to say, I say what I meant. If you don’t like that that’s your problem, I simply posted a meme of one women, and one point of view. 2nd I voted for Obama too and I deeply regret, he speaks about gay rights, women’s rights, but won’t say a word about systematic racism or police brutality mostly against black people.

        I was telling you @tammy don’t be a fool and vote for this women because you think she is a feminist and cares about women, like I said earlier Obama, a black man did very little for the black community to end systematic racism or police violence, yet millions of blacks still love that war crime committing bastard.

      • That’s a lie, because he has said nothing about systematic racism, police brutality, hell a 70 year old white man, Bernie Sanders has said more about systematic racism than the first black president. Damn shame and a waste of my vote, I’m glade you could get married to a woman if you want, I just think when unarmed black men get shot more than armed mass shooter white men, the system has major issues.

        I don’t want to go back and forth all day , we all have our opinion , have a good rest of your day!

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