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  1. “Super predator”–this is the first time I’ve even heard that term.

    Yes, there are certainly gangs of kids–of all races and ethnicities–who arguably lack conscience and empathy. And it’s strange that “Billary” suggests such sociopathic kids can be “healed”.

    It’s also hypocritical. A person who lacks a conscience is known as a sociopath. This term isn’t used by mainstream psychologists or psychiatrists anymore, because it’s not politically correct. But it’s the most accurate term ever developed for such people who simply have no conscience–no sense of right or wrong, no ability whatsoever to feel empathy for anyone.

    So “Billary” is basically talking about sociopathic kids.

    What “Billary” fails to mention, however, is that politicians (and she is a politician to the core) tend to be sociopaths more than members of any other occupational group–even lawyers (“Billary” is one of them too, along with her husband).

    And while it is debatable as to whether misguided kids can be accurately labeled “super predators”, because they have no political power or influence, it’s not debatable at all as to whether politicians can be accurately labeled “super predators”.

    Politicians are the “super predators”–and they always have been.

    For refusing to do anything to keep bastards like Dylann Roof from obtaining guns again–and starting a program of cultural genocide against the American South to dodge the issue of gun regulation–Nikki Haley is a super predator.

    For just being a bull in a china shop–failing to think before he speaks or acts, and having no regrets whatsoever when he knows he was in the wrong–Donald Trump, as a politician, would definitely be a super predator.

    And for calling foul on everyone who holds her accountable for any possible wrongdoing, blaming everyone but herself for all of her problems (this is what’s known as a character disorder), and basing all of her legislative decisions on her interests only (being every bit as self-serving as her husband), Hillary Clinton is definitely a super predator–and always has been.