According to several news sources, one of the domestic white supremacist terrorists, who was involved in the bloody and violent clash between the Ku Klux Klan and protesters, in Anaheim, California last week, is not only white, rich and privileged but also Jewish.


Sources say, 51 year old, Charles Edward Donner, the man who reportedly stabbed several anti-racism protesters last week, is the son of Charles D’Honau, who is an alum of Princeton University and is a former publisher of the Japan division of Time magazine.


Charles Edward Donner, reportedly lives in a 3,500-square foot mansion, in the extremely wealthy Marina district of San Francisco, California.


Despite Donner’s family’s Jewish bloodlines, he was able to make it to the rank of an exalted cyclops of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.














Revealed: Anaheim Klansman is jobless, part Jewish and lives with mom in ritzy San Francisco home


  1. There is no excuse for violence on either side.

    That said, it angers me whenever I see a KKK member displaying the Confederate Battle Flag at all, even as a patch on his jacket.

    The Confederate Battle Flag never had anything to do with White supremacism or segregation–it was designed only to indicate the Confederate presence in the battlefield during the war between the Confederate States and the United States.

    “This is the Confederate side of the battlefield”–that is all the Confederate Battle Flag was ever designed to say.

    But a century after that war ended, segregationist politicians took on the Confederate Battle Flag to represent them–just as the Nazi German regime took on the swastika, an ancient Hindu symbol of goodwill, to represent it–and did the Confederate Battle Flag a terrible disservice, in doing so.

    But should we blame a symbol–the Confederate Battle Flag, the swastika, or any other–when it is misused by people whose ideology and agenda have nothing to do with the original meaning of that symbol?

    Absolutely not.

  2. A little more on topic:

    There is a tremendous history of Jewish bigotry toward, and ridicule of, Black Americans.

    This Jewish bigotry goes back to the days long before the United States even existed.

    Most notorious was the way Black Americans were portrayed in films produced and directed by Jews who controlled the motion picture industry from the beginning (as they still do).

    But this Jewish bigotry goes back further than that.

    In the late Nineteenth Century, many composers began writing “coon” songs, whose lyrics used ridiculous stereotypes of Black Americans–“coons”–to ridicule Black Americans. These songs became popular in Britain and the United States. They became most popular at the turn of the Twentieth Century in the United States. But these songs were written by New Yorkers. Some of the writers of these “coon” songs were even Black Americans themselves–but most of the writers of these “coon” songs were Jews.

    It always amazes me how Jews can dish it out, but can never take it in.

    For three thousand years, Jews have exploited and subjugated every people but Jews. Jews are constantly using the “Holocaust” (there have been countless holocausts throughout human history, but Jews present their holocaust at the hands of the Nazi German regime as the only holocaust) to justify the holocaust they have been perpetrating against Palestinians since 1948. Jews are even constantly seeking monetary reparations in the names of questionable relations among victims of the “Holocaust”.

    Jews are constantly exploiting, subjugating, manipulating, and even ridiculing every people with whom they come in contact–as they have been for three thousand years.

    But Jews never take any responsibility for their wrongdoings whatsoever.

    Jews constantly portray themselves as the innocent victims in any conflict–and they constantly use their “victimization” to get whatever they want.

    And they get it–Jews are the only group of people in the world who are completely above international law. They take no accountability for anything they do–and even when the United Nations condemns them for their actions, they refuse to accept any responsibility.

    In short, Jews are the most ethnocentric people in the world–all that matters to Jews is Jews.

    Any Jews who say I’m wrong–let them prove me wrong.