1. PFFT. The buggery law doesn’t only apply to gay men. It applies to heterosexual men who have anal sex with women. Heterosexual Jamaican men want everyone to believe they don’t engage in ‘deviant’ sexual behavior but they lie through their teeth. They’re just good at keeping it quiet.
    That official says it’s their choice to live in the gully? That they choose to be gay? The Caribbean can be so backward. And he doesn’t believe that the LGBT community is in danger? He’s as good at lying as Trump is.

  2. Red shirt insults how the guys look? Maybe he’s comfortable with his government job that he most likely got through nepotism or bribery, and his brands (I assume he covets brands as many Caribbeans do), but when you’re ostracized for being who you are, can’t find work, and become homeless, you tend to do whatever you want.
    Red shirt says parenting plays a role in them living in the gully because their parents booted them out. I agree it’s not the responsibility of the government when a parent kicks a kid out, however it is the responsibility of the government to encourage a sense of community. If Portia had of put her money where her mouth was, maybe kids in the LGBT community would be accepted by their parents. Sad, because I believe that she has no concern for a person’s sexuality, and she was afraid of what the voters would say.

  3. What Angeline said pissed me off, because as a woman, I know rape is horrifying. Then, to be a gay woman in Jamaica and to be told ‘you get what you deserve’ angers me so much I can only wish harm upon the person or people who say things like that.

  4. People might think that the cops there are only abusive to the LGBT community, but unfortunately, they don’t mind being abusive or killing anyone that gets in their way or who doesn’t agree with the bribery many cops there require.
    I stay in Trinidad most of the year, and I think that as corrupt as I know many of the cops are here, Jamaican cops make Trini cops look like Pollyanna.
    My hopes for the LGBT community is that one day they won’t have to worry for their lives and can live as harmoniously in the country as any straight person does.