• World civilization is said to begin from Africa, instead of starting from multiple places. Chinese dynasties rise and fall for probably the same reasons. However China rejuvenates in each turn, and the civilization continues. There must be more reasons than that. I fail to understand those main factors. Thanks for your reply.

      • We have to start uniting and stop dividing, so far every time an African leader has spoke about a United States of Africa, they have been overthrown by western backed coups. Like the one that overthrew Kwame nkrumah of Ghana.

        China also has an advantage in that area, because despite the fact they have several hundred ethnic groups, they have only one party that is extremely oppressive, but still unites the Nation as one.

        As a man whose family is from Ghana, west Africa, I don’t think the China model would work in Africa, where we all become one communist oppressive country, I would think a European Union style would have a far better chance of being successful, where
        we unite economically, reason being it’s hard for the western powers to continue to pillage us economically, when we united our economic and natural resources.

        Who knows if that is even possible, since economic independence is the reason, the Americans and Belgiums supported the killing of Congo president Patrice Lumumba. But then again it’s worth a shot, there is a lot of house cleaning of corrupt and puppet leaders, that would have to be done first!

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