1. Few months ago, a jewish friend of mine, told me that she does not understand how people can hate so much black people while we never did nothing wrong against humanity or against a specific community or religion… I couldn’t get it to BUT I finally had an explanation! believer or not, if you want to know why we are suffering so much as a community, go check out Deuteronomium 28 in the Torah or old testament in the bible. And you will surely understand that we’ve been cursed; BIG TIME. And that being said, Shalom my Brothers and Sisters. MiYah Yisrael

    • I am not a religious man, but I assume you are talking about the curse of Ham or something like that . That being said black people are not cursed, we have created some of the greatest empires of the world from Egypt, Ethiopia and the Asante empire. And as far as the bible or Torah, those books speak horrible things about women and gays, you don’t see those people making excuses. I will admit white gays and white feminists, don’t suffer from the barriers of systematic white supremacy that blacks do,we can’t hide being black or demand our white male brothers in power, make programs for us, i.e white women receive more affirmative action than any group. But we have to work together, learn our greatness and instead of making excuses like white supremacy won’t let us do it. We can do it, even though it will be a lot harder than it has been for other groups, but overcoming challenges is what makes a people great. Thanks for the comment Miyah!✊

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