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  1. I’ve said it to many times ,there this dumb shit going on ,light skin vs dark skin black people ,you can hate each other all you want for the color of your skin but the white devil hates up equally ,black people still don’t get it and I fear they never will ,do you see that Spanish people was ready to vote for Mark rubeo just because he is Cuban even if they didn’t agree with his traderous racist ass ,he’s no better than Donald trump ,but most of the fools on g+ are still calling each other niggas and bitches and have convince them selves that it’s a term of endearment because some rapper said so ,what ever new thing is going on our people just jump right on it , now because the white devil said there is no God I see posted from black people saying the same thing ,the greatest trick Satan ever pulled off is making people belive he doesn’t exist, help me pray for our people .