As a black man I’m still trying to figure out when America was so great, less “crapppy” yes, but great, I’m not so sure. 

I’m like in 1920’s there were  mass lynchings.

In1960’s the Assassination of our civil rights leaders and the sabotaging  of the civil rights movement by the FBI’s counter intelligence program ( cointelpro ). 

The 1980’s Reagan’s war on Drugs, destroyed the black community, by throwing tens of thousands of blacks in prison for the same drugs his buddy Oliver North allowed to be brought into America. 

hmm maybe the 1990’s, oh wait, Bill Clinton’s mass incarceration laws , his welfare reform,  the NAFTA and trade deal with China, that help destroy the middle class and made blacks, even poorer by sending away American jobs to foreign countries .

Crap maybe the 2000’s first black  president Barack Obama ,  oh wait more unarmed blacks were killed by suspected racists on Obama’s presidency,  than during George “Forest Gump ” Bush and yet Mr. Black president,  said almost nothing about the white supremacist attacks on blacks. 

Darn, I have to find out this time America was great for everyone no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion , etc.

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