By: Leon Kwasi kuntuo-Asare

In a new strategy to prevent the possible crimes of police officers from being seen by the public and creating  backlash against police brutality and racism, that can be used as motivation  by  grassroots activists like members of the Black Lives Matter movement, who have been protesting the recent killings of black men in Louisianaย  ย andย Minnesotaย ย ย . Pat McCroryย  the governor of North Carolina signed a new bill limiting who can see the footage from police cams.


Whereas, in the past video footage from police cams would of been considered public information, this new North Carolina Law limits who can see the video to the people who are in the video, and even that request by a person in the video can still be denied and would have to be taken to superior court. This law without a doubt, will hurt the people most affected by police violence and that’s poor people of color, who will find it more difficult to hire a good lawyer to fight for their  right to see the video, assuming they are not slained like Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.





  1. Effectively underlining the collusion in subverting fairness and equality before the “law”.
    Carolina’s statute makers have just underlined their corruption. We are corrupt motherfuckers and we don’t want the world to see our stinking pile of police manure!

    Where do you even start to enumerate the hypocrisies in their claims for “rule of law”, democracy and fairness. From state, national and international we now see the corrupt edifice.
    It is not the emperor has no clothes, it is the cowboy only wears a gun!

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