1. Jewish success? Conspiracy theories? Manipulative public speaking?

    This video misses a basic issue. How did hitler find the funds to rebuild Germany? Those same American banks that withdrew their loans? How about the Bank for International Settlements? Criminal money laundering bank. Its premises and officers are immune from swiss or international scrutiny.

    Imagine that, the central criminal entity (BIS) to which other central banking fraudsters are members is above international law, in a neutral country to facilitate the hiding of stolen assets and moeny.

    Why did the zionists promise to bring America into the WWII if the UK would give them Palestine?
    The zionists were happy for their jewish brethen to be persecuted as it provided the impetus to force jewish settlement in Israel.

    The official western narrative is BS. There is more to the Hitler and jewish expulsion hence the rabid persecution of so called “revisionist” nazi historians.

  2. The Nazis were the face of capitalism in Germany in extremis. The video fails to consider the relations between the capitalist class generally and the Nazis who were funded by the biggest capitalists – not only German.

    Henry Ford’s publication the Dearborn Independent praised the Nazis who gave him the Grand Cross of the German Eagle for his support of them.

    If you would like to get a sense of the ruthlessness of capitalism in relation to the Nazis (in this case, US capitalism) have a look at this link to the Washington Post website re- Ford, GM, its subsidiary in Germany, Opel and the Nazis. Washington Post website for starters: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wpsrv/national/daily/nov98/nazicars30.htm.

    I also remember a photo I saw of Hitler in top hat sitting outside a cafΓ© in Switzerland on a sunny day at a meeting with capitalists.

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