By: Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare

Research from a University of of Texas Institute in Austin, Texas discovered that nearly 7,000 people died while in law enforcement custody. The research showed an average of 623 deaths a year over a ten year period, with an increase in deaths in 2015 with 683 deaths of people while in custody. Over 90% of the people who died had not been charged with a crime. Reportedly 70โ„… of the deaths were determined to be caused by natural causes, 11โ„… were determined to be by suicide and 8% in what law enforcement call justifiable homicides.

The research project director Amanda Woog, a postdoctoral fellow at the institute,ย told The Texas Tribuneย researchers hope to find more information on each specific death.

โ€œWe can’t have an informed conversation about who’s dying at the hands of police or who’s dying in jails if we don’t literally know who’s dying and how they’re dying,โ€ Woog said. โ€œI think this information can help us get to the bottom causes of mortality in the criminal justice system and with that lead us to solutions.โ€


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