• Here is a copy of of the pdf about the event that was on his powernomics website:

      Dr. Claud Anderson Calls for a National Black Holiday:
      Harvest Festival Day
      Dr. Claud Anderson has issued a call for his PowerNomicsยฎ supporters to take action. He
      calls on them to take local initiative to support a national Harvest Festival Day by organizing
      events in their own neighborhoods this August 10.. The purpose is to generate a national Black
      social cohesiveness and sense of community that inspires all Americans to recognize and
      appreciate the unique role that Black Americans played as the socioeconomic engine that drove
      the building of this nation, but instead of being recognized have been discarded. The unique
      contributions and achievements of Native Black Americans unify them. They deserve an annual,
      special festive day just like Jews have Passover, Hispanics have a Cinco de Mayo, the Irish have
      St. Patrickโ€™s Day, White Americans have Fourth of July, gays have Pride Day, and Germanic
      immigrants have Oktoberfest. An annual Harvest Festival Day would represent the positive, the
      exceptionality of Black Americans and serve as a platform to rediscover who they are, where
      they are and where they ought to be headed. Local Black communities could renew their faith
      and trust in each other, build and support their own businesses, and become politically and
      economically competitive in our competitive society.
      It is now harvest time for an abandoned labor class whose members were denied their
      freedom, humanity, just compensation for their labor, but worse, were even denied the right to
      enjoy the benefits that their suffering and labor produced. Harvest is from the Old English word,
      meaning โ€˜autumn,โ€™ a season for reaping and gathering the yield from oneโ€™s labor. Five hundred
      years of institutionalized slavery, Jim Crow Segregation, and integration, made Black Americans
      the stepping stone to the American Dream for others. An endless flow of immigrants have
      entered this nation seeking unearned economic benefits, rights and privileges long denied a
      subordinated Black under-class. There is no better time, than the autumn of 2019, for Black
      Americans to come together and claim the results of their labor, suffering and accomplishments
      that others have long enjoyed. Black Americans need a Harvest Festival Day, in which they can
      gather with family and friends, rebuild their physical and business communities and schools,
      learn new codes of appropriate group-based behavior and accountability, begin practicing
      group-based economics and politics, celebrate their sports/entertainment accomplishments, and
      generate new pride in their own racial identity.
      Dr. Anderson proposes that Harvest Festival Day be an annual event celebrated at the
      beginning of the harvesting season, nationally and in local communities on the Second Saturday
      in August, regardless of the calendar date. Local organizing committees should seek the
      participation of all Black businesses, civil rights organizations, political entities, schools and
      community organizations. Black Americans must regain a sense of social cohesiveness that was
      stripped from them during the 500 years of slavery and Jim Crow semi-slavery.
      To aid in popularizing this annual Harvest Festival Day, specific goals and suggested
      local festival activities will be spelled out on Dr. Andersonโ€™s up-coming YouTube channel,
      entitled, โ€œDr. Claud Anderson,โ€ Dr. Boyce Watkinsโ€™ regular Business School Webinars, and
      Carl Nelsonโ€™s Daily radio program, on National Radio Network.