By: Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare

At the Mecca Summit, which was held in Mecca Saudi Arabia, heads of state and other political officials from various Arab and North African countries collectively condemned the United States’ decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, since both the Palestinians and Israelis claim Jerusalem as their rightful capital.

To many world leaders, including leaders from the Muslim nations at the summit, Donald Trump and therefore the United State’s recognition as Jerusalem as being the rightful capital of Israel makes the United States lose its credibility as a neutral mediator.

According to Aljazeera:

Saudi King Mohammed bin Salman told leaders of the IOC countries gathered at the summit: “The Palestinian cause is the cornerstone of the works of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and is the focus of our attention until the brotherly Palestinian people get all their legitimate rights.

“We reaffirm our unequivocal rejection of any measures that would prejudice the historical and legal status of Quds [Jerusalem].”

In a final statement this was said:

“The Palestinian people have the right to achieve their inalienable national rights, including their right to self-determination and the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian State,”

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