By: Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare

All charges were dropped for those responsible for the Flint water crisis, which killed about a dozen people and infected many more with harmful bacteria like legionella, which can be extremely dangerous for people with a weakened immune system.

In January 2016, the then Michigan governor, Rick Snyder and the then Michigan Health director, Nick Lyon announced an outbreak of legionaries disease that occurred between 2014-2015, when the majority Black and impoverished city of Flint, Michigan, under Michigan state- control started getting polluted and lead tainted water from the Flint River.

According to CBSNEWS:

“( prosecutors) pledge to start the investigation from scratch.”

The new investigation will be headed by Michigan Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud, who started working on the case in January.

He believed “all available evidence was not pursued ” by the previous team of prosecutors. -Cbsnews later reported.

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