Black people who are the descendants of American slaves didn’t migrate to America, we built America.

When you see sellouts post things like this you realize why things never improve politically, socially, economically in the Black community.

-Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare


  1. “Forced African Migration?”

    ARE THEY SERIOUS?! I would expect this from out-of-touch White politicians regardless of their party, but the Congressional Black Talkers (yes, I got that joke from PBT) should really know better. Wow. There are no words to describe the level of delusion and buffoonery going on with that tweet.

    • The Black community has to come to the conclusion that Black politicians are not our leaders, rather they are the plantation overseers. The representative comes from the same state that has the racist governor who was nicknamed “CoonMan” , so I guess Virginia is full of coons and their White supremacist puppet masters.

      • I certainly agree when it comes to Black politicians. Interesting points. I can see this as a publicity stunt to use the CBC as race buffers for the reparation issue.

      • I agree. Whomever they select to “represent us “, will only present us in name , but represent the establishment in policy.

        Just like that sham of a reparation debate. Half of the Black people were against reparations and even the ones that seemed to be pro-reparations didn’t thing reparations should include cash payments, which defeats the purpose of reparations.

        They would never be that disrespectful with Jewish people, Native Americans, Asians. Hell, Elizabeth Warren was even talking about giving LGBTQ people reparations….

      • Definitely. That and it adds confusion to anyone who isn’t Black because they’ll assume everyone thinks like that when it’s not the case.

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed it. There should’ve been red flags about people not fighting for cutting the check, so to speak.

        EXACTLY! They wouldn’t even try that with other ethnic and religious groups. I did hear that about Warren’s idea.