By: Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare

At the end of last week the Justice Department revealed it intends to release 3,100 inmates from federal prisons nationwide. Most of the people are being released for good behavior and were non-violent drug offenders, but some of the people being released also served time for weapons charges, robbery, sex offenses, and national security-related crimes.

This move is part of Trump’s administration implementation of the “First Step Act”, which is part of a criminal justice reform bill, that President Donald Trump signed into law in December of 2018.

According to The Boston Globe:

The First Step Act is one of the signature pieces of legislation passed during the Trump administration with bipartisan support. It shortens sentences for some inmates β€” partly through a change in the credit they are given for good behavior β€” and increases job training and other programs. It also requires the new risk assessment system, which officials said Friday will allow inmates to complete in-prison programs and, for some, receive β€˜β€˜earned time’’ credits to get out earlier.

Reportedly, the Trump administration will redirect $75 million in fiscal spending for 2019 to help fund the First Step Act and its programs.

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