• I agree. I partially blame the family of Botham Jean. Botham’s brother was talking about forgiveness and even asked to give his brother’s murderer a hug. We both know Black people love to forgive White people who harm us, while trying to harm other Black people, for something as little as stepping on their shoes.

      With the mammy Black woman judge, who has received campaign contributions from the police association, I knew they were not going to throw the book at her.

      • Sure and I certainly wasn’t a fan with how the brother reacted. Good point about the contrast between forgiving and being hostile. That’s right.

        Yeah. Once I saw the video prior to the sentencing, I did get some bad omens as to what the sentencing could be. Not going to lie, I did celebrate a bit too early once there was a conviction and I should’ve known better once the next day happened.

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