By: Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare

Joseph Magistro, on September 23, 2019 was arrested and charged with a hate crime, criminal mischief and menacing with a weapon.

Reportedly, Magistro a 33-year-old White man racially-terrorized a 67-year-old Black grandma and her 17-year-old grandson. Magistro, allegedly threw weights in the senior-citizen’s windows and caused $2,000 worth of damage to her home, Magistro, who was armed with a shotgun stated he would “put a bullet” in them.

โ€œYou nโ€”ers donโ€™t belong in this neighborhood,โ€ Magistro said according to the Nassau District Attorneyโ€™s Office. โ€œThis is a white neighborhood. Iโ€™ll put a fโ€“king bullet in you right now.โ€

According to the Atlanta BlackStar:

Debbie Loughman, a neighbor who lives across the street from the alleged victims, told News 12 the teenager posted about the incident on Facebook.

โ€œI guess theyโ€™d just moved in here a couple weeks ago, he said, and theyโ€™ve already was fighting with the neighbor who I believe maybe was accusing him of stealing a package and was being attacked by him,โ€ Loughman said.

Magistro’s bond is 30k ,and as of this writing, he is still in jail and his bond has not been paid.

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