Rampant Racism Throughout SFPD

Rampant Racism Throughout SFPD San Francisco Employee Calls out Department’s Racism By: Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare A San Francisco city employee, who was teaching anti-bias classes for two-years, recently came forward with frustration with the rampant anti-black racism that is widespread in the department.The now ex-Department of Human Resources manager said to his superiors in a farewell email: The degree of anti-black sentiment throughout SFPD is extreme. Dante King wrote in the email to DHR Director Micki Callahan, (San Francisco) Examiner obtained the email through a public records request past week. King later said: While there are some SFPD who possess somewhat of a balanced view of racism and anti-blackness, there are an equal number (if not more)-who possess and exude … Continue reading Rampant Racism Throughout SFPD