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“2-6-2021: Biden/Harris Black Supporters Fall Silent From Disappointment”

#TheBlackAuthority podcast:

Calling out our backstabbing advocates

“11-15-2020: Backstabbing Advocates”

The New Black Voter?

#BlackAuthority #2020ElectionAfterMath

“11-14-2020: The New Black Voter”

#LebronJames being used by #TheWhiteSupremacist #LeftwingMedia to go after the #BlackMedia for demanding tangibles…..

“DNC Front-Group Uses LeBron’s Name To Attack Black Media”

#TheBlackAuthority Podcast:
Voting for the #LesserOfTwoEvils
#DonaldTrump or #JoeBiden

“10-24-2020: The Lesser of Two Evils”

Bootlicks vs Ballers #BlackAgenda2020

“10-17-2020: Bootlicks Vs BallersΒ  -The Black Agenda 2020”

“Trump & Biden: A Distinction Without A Difference”

I was surprised to find out how much of an anti-Black racist #RuthBaderGinsburg was, including her calling #ColinKaepernick and other NFL players stupid in a Katie Couric interview, for calling out police brutality and racism.

“Ginsburg: A Friend To Racists and An Opponent of Black Empowerment”

“Don’t Fall Victim To Political Mind Games”

“9-13-2020: Bernie, Biden And Bait and Switch”

“9-12-2020: Deja Vu All Over Again”

“Former Atlanta Pastor Now is Hotep..and Has 2 Wives…and Guess Who is Mad?”

“9-6-2020: 21st Century Mammy Tactics”

“9-5-2020: When You Don’t Speak For Yourself”


“8-11-2020 Biden’s Bedwench, Kamala Harris”

“Biden: Crumbling Black Support & Still No VP Chosen”

“8-2-2020- The Obama Hustle”

“Thomas Jefferson alongside Black great grandson holds ‘a mirror’ to U S”

“7-4-2020- Taking Control Of The Discussion”

“Washington & Lee: Why White Supremacy Needs “Monuments”

“Holy Post – Race in America”

“Kamala & Rice: Using “Women of Color” To Perpetuate Racism”

Happy Juneteenth! ✊🏿🌍

“The War To Derail Police Punishment”

“6-14-2020 – What Are Our Demands”

“Dr. Claud Anderson – Warnings about reparations, George Floyd and Black Lives Matter”

“6-9-2020 – Ku Klux Karen Laws”

“The Media Wants Us To Stop Talking About The Police -We Won’t!”

“White Supremacy’s Crisis Of Confidence”

“Man Attacks Dallas Protesters With Sword. TMZ Lies About It!”

“Dr Claud Anderson speaks on George Floyd”

“Minneapolis: Racist, Violent Police Destroy An Entire City”

“5-23-2020: Biden’s Bad Black Advice – Symone Sanders”

“DA Drops Charges Against Kenneth Walker. Vows To Try Again Later”


“5-16-2020: Voting To End Racism”

“Tariq Nasheed: Outsiders ReWriting Our History”

“Lawyer: Deputy led armed group to black teen’s home”

“5-10-2020: Minority Word Games”

“What The Sean Reed Killing Means To the White Media”

“The Right of Self-Defense: Stopping The Next Lynching”

“Practical Thinking 1”

“5-2-2020: Eating Your Enemies”

How The Media Has Racialized The Pandemic

“4-19-2020: No Reparations – No Vote”

“4-18-2020 Free Whites Quarantined Blacks”

“Tariq Nasheed: Don’t Treat Us Like The Nagras”

“Anti-Quarantine “Protests” Are Actually White Supremacist Rallies”

“Ocasio-Cortez Refuses To Endorse ANY Black Candidates & BLM Feels Betrayed!”

“Tariq Nasheed: Tuskegee 2.0”

“4-11-2020: Lockdown or Rise Up”

“4-5-2020: Bitter Bloomberg’s Revenge”

“Ocasio-Cortez Still Saying Slavery Reparations Should Include Latinos, Immigrants, ETC”

“4-4-2020: Targeted By The States”

“From State of Emergency To A State of Denial”

“3-29-2020: Asia: Taking Both Sides of The Argument”

“Stimulus Is Now A Corporate Bailout & NYT Buries A Bombshell”

“Tariq Nasheed: Return of the Yellow Peril”

“Biden’s South Carolina “Victory” Proves Black Voters Aren’t Interested”

“White Media Finally Admits Black Voters Aren’t Backing ANY Candidate!”

“2-23-2020: When We Fail To Plan”

“2-22-2020: Weinstein and the White Gender Power Struggle”

“The Media Says Blacks Don’t Care About Bloomberg’s Racism, But Polls Say Otherwise!”

“Told Ya! Snoop “Apologizes” To Gayle King. You Can’t Rely On Black Celebs”

“2-9-2020: Beta Male Bullies”

“2-8-2020: What Black Power Looks Like”

“Gayle King Slanders Kobe, Then Runs Like A Coward!”

“Using Money For Everything Except Power”

“2-1-2020: Pushing Back”

Wm “Tariq Nasheed: Buckdancing For A Job”

“Mira Sorvino Debates Me Over Her Cosby Remarks”

“1-26-2020: Who Can Judge Us”

“1-25-2020: The Billionaire’s Black Plan”

“Why Black Academics Fail to Teach Wealth”

“Black Media Forces Oprah To Quit The Simmons “Documentary”

“1-18-2020: (DNC SHILLS) ADOS Implodes”

“YouTube Censors WashPost Story About Biden Appealing To “Racially Resentful Whites”

“The Weed/Reparations Ripoff”

“Why Elizabeth Warren Can’t Get The Black Vote”

“Iran: A Study In Being On-Code”

“1-4-2020: How To Do Business With White supremacy”

“2020: New Year, Same Mission!”

“Why The ADOS Movement Was Always A Democrat Front”

“Why The ADOS Movement Was Always A Democrat Front”

“How The Black Media Destroyed Kamala Harris!”

“12-21-2019 Uniting Against Us”

“The Oprah Effect: Attacking Black Men To Cover For Her Bosses”

“12-15-2019 End Of A Useless Era”

“Tariq Nasheed: The Democrats Go On The Offensive”

“New Black Media Vs. Kamala Harris – Postmortem”

“11-29-2019: Black Friday”

“11-24-2019: Stop and Frisk Fail”

“Guilty By Association –What Bootlicks Teach Us About Power”

“11-23-2019: Media Puppets Panic”

“Exposing The Congressional Black Caucus -Why They Never Do Anything For Us”

“11-17-2019 Asian Supremacy”

“We Won’t Lose Our Focus”

“11-2-2019 The Business of Blackness”

“My Harriet Review: Hollywood Rapes Our Ancestors Memory”

“Jewish Liberal & GOP Senator Agree On Opposing Tangibles”

“10-27-2019: Nazi, Sl#t, Congresswoman”

“No, Elizabeth Warren DOESN’T Back Reparations”

“Where Martin Luther King went wrong – Dr. Claud Anderson”

“Elijah Cummings & The Black Misleadership Class”

“Dallas Police’s “Drug” Story About Joshua Brown Is Ridiculous!”

“Circling The Wagons –Lessons Learned From the Amber Guyger Sentencing Fiasco”

“How Black Collaborators Helped Amber Guyger Get Off With 10 Years”

“9-28-2019 Amber Guyger and The Killer Cop Cult”

“Neglecting The Black Vote Backfires”

“Tariq Nasheed: Boogeyman Propaganda”

“9-21-2019 Snitching and Telling”

“9-15-2019: Phony Pro-Blacks Trying To Sneak Back Into Black Society”

“Tariq Nasheed: Is This a Parade of the Eunuchs?”

“9-8-2019: That’s a Rap”

“9-6-2019: Dave Chapelle Being Hijacked by White Nationalists”

“Popeyes Chicken, slavery and reparations – Dr Claud Anderson”

“9-3-2018 The Price of White Privilege”

“Black Media: Accept NO Substitutes OR Imitations!”

“8-25-2019: White, Racist and Honest”

“Kamala Harris’ Poll Numbers Nosedive To All-Time Low –5%”

“Playing Dumb – The White Supremacist Strategy”

“Fear Of A Black Media”

“A Lesson From Racist Reagan On How To Leverage Your Vote”

“LeBron James furious with the NCAA for new rules blocking his company”

“8-3-2019 The Silent White Extremist Revolution Explained”

“Does Donald Trump have an issue with Black People? – Dr. Claud Anderson speaks”

“7-27-2019 The Weeping Negro Male”

“Kamala Harris’ Not So “Secret Weapon”

“Black people own far less land today than before Segregation – Dr Claud Anderson”

“How China is using media to economically conquer Africa”

“Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign, rapper Killa Mike Interview and the 2020 Election”

“White Supremacy Begins Breaking Its Tools”

“Black Congressmen being pushed out by immigrants? – Dr. Claud Anderson”

“Charlamagne Endorses Kamala On CNN –Dissecting A Fraud”

“7-14-2019 Ice, Ice Baby . . . Unintended Consequences”


“7-13-2019 Obama: The Anti-Reparations Trojan Horse”

“Biden Leads In Polls While Kamala Lags In Fundraising”

“Media “Alarmed” Millennials Are “Less Accepting Of LGBTs.” But Why?”

“Elizabeth Warren Tries To Fool Black Women Into Voting For Nothing”

“7-6-2019 Revenge Of The Outcasts”

“Tariq Nasheed: Should Black Americans Celebrate The 4th of July?”

“Fourth of You Lie Address: Weaponizing Our Vote”

“6-30-2019 Erasing The Black Vote”

“About The Democrat Debate & Kamala Attacks The Black Media”

“6-29-2019 Democratic Debate and Switch”

“Black Men Quit Voting. Are Black Women Next?”

“Ta-Nehisi Coates: Reparations Are Not Just About Slavery But Also Centuries of Theft & Racial Terror”

“Headline From The Nation, “Cut The Check.” Black Media Defines Reparations”


“6-23-2019 The Soulless Generation”

“Ann Coulter ‘This Week’ Interview: Democrats ‘Dropping the Blacks and Moving on to the Hispanics’”

“So-Called “Reparations Advocates” Oppose Cutting The Check”

“Reparations hearings were a sham, says Dr. Claud Anderson”

“Tariq Nasheed: The Butter Biscuit Bonanza”

“The “Reparations Hearing.” Don’t Fall For This Trick.”

“6-19-2019 The Congressional Sham Reparations Hearing”

“Ta-Nahesi Coates & Danny Glover Working To Kill Reparations”

“Dr. Claud Anderson on Donald Trump’s antics and black crabs in a barrel”

“White Media Admits Biden Is Pursuing A Right-Wing Strategy”

“6-9-2019 Incremental Power”

“Youtube’s New Rules: If You Question The Media/Corporations You’ll Be Banned”

” Blue Lives Matter- Racial Code Speak”

“If you don’t own assets in your community, it’s NOT yours – Dr. Claud Anderson responds”