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A woman named Bunny, who was a neighbor of Botham Jean and filmed the aftermath of his murder has received numerous death threats.

Joshua Brown , the next door neighbor of botham Jean , who was a witness for the DA in their case against the racist and murderous cop Amber Guyger has been murdered.

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The Dallas Police Officer who shot and Killed Botham Jean, Officially fired By Dallas PD

By: Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare

Amber Guyger, the white woman Dallas, police officer who shot and killed 26-year Botham Jean, a seemingly law abiding citizen in his own apartment was officially fired by former police department.

After the shooting, Guyger, originally claimed that she some how confused, Mr.Jean’s apartment for her own, and claimed she shot him when he didn’t respond to her verbal commands.

According to some news outlets, some neighbors gave conflicting accounts to what they heard.

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall, reportedly fired Amber Guyger after an internal investigation was concluded and determined the former Dallas police officer “engaged in adverse conduct’.

She has reportedly been charged with manslaughter in the death of, Jean.

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