Bad People? (Poem)

When we peacefully kneel and protest against police brutality, we’re called bad people

When we riot against racial oppression and police brutality , they call us bad people

When Nazis go to Charlottesville to terrorize and kill people, President Trump calls them very fine people.

-Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare


Love is Love:Except if you’re Black: Poem

lgbtq flag

Is there really an LGBTQ community?

And if so, is it just based on your sexuality and not your humanity?

LGBTQ quote on racism

I say this because I have experienced just as much anti-Black White supremacy in the LGBTQ community as I have in the straight White community

Love is Love

So love who you want, but lets make sure to be a community of humanity and not just focus on someone’s sexuality.

-Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare

New Book Coming Soon…

This is the possible cover for my new book, that I have been working on.

Due to family health issues and a renovation that is still taking place, the release date has been pushed back to first quarter next year.

But, it will worth the late, much longer and not only poetry, but also several political essays will be included.

Busy at Work on New Book, Will Be Back Soon…

Currently working on my 3rd book of poetry and fourth book overall.

Will be off social media and blogging for a while.

But I will return in September with an Amazing book of poetry, essays and pictures addressing our current political and social climate.

See you later, my friends……


Trump’s victory may of been a surprise to you

But not to me

Sorry to wake up some white liberals from their pure white fantasy

But I’m a black man living in a system of white supremacy

So, this suffering maybe new to you

But not to me

Having your rights violated

Watching young black men on TV get annihilated

Yet, your reaction is the same as if you’re watching a TV show that’s now outdated

There is none

So, don’t expect me to cry for your rights

When you start to lose some

Either we standup, unite and fight, starting this very night

For everyone suffering oppression and a tragic plight

Or we all are going to start to lose some of our human rights!

-Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare