1. Reality is always in the recesses. The facade or veneer or whatever material science may call it is that which cries for attention because if it is noticed more the dynamic backdrop may be outmanoeuvred. This is the case whenever history seeks to bury certain stories, vital though they may be. This is the case of every nation where certain voices have been drowned, like, let me give my own country’s example, the aboriginal voices in India. It is as though the people taking the back seat have no right to know where the driver goes.

    • I too, have experienced what I call colorism (racism within your own race) here in America. In the United States it comes from slavery when the lighter skin black (usually the mixed race children of the master) were treated better and often keep in the house (house negros), while the darker blacks (non-mixed) were left in the field and were worked like cattle, even after slavery that mindset still did and does remain. So much that when blacks would have sororities and other social groups, if you were darker than a paper bag (the paper bag test) you could not join. Meanwhile as we fight each other like crabs in a barrel, we all are still being dominated by systematic white supremacy!

      • Infighting is the worst form of combat you may have to encounter. Fighting an alien has no undertones to it but when it comes to your own kind it becomes oppressive because it is a negation of solidarity. The paper bag test is news to me. Homogeneous oppression is rampant in many communities of the world. Yet the fact remains true also that a common enemy makes two enemies friends. Hope the latter truth prevails.

      • And I have a mild suggestion for the color racists that they go by the expression of the eyes rather than the color of the skin to induct people into groups, freakish though it may sound.

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