1. Kids who go to prison aren’t going there because of the Clintons. There are several factors that could be in play starting from their home life, the school system, the cops, and the government. It’s not just on the Clintons. Bernie Sanders isn’t going to be perfect either, sorry to say.
    And if people are going to be given shit about voting for Hillary, that’s not good. Everyone has a freedom to vote for whoever they want. If they vote for anyone but Trump, he’s then out of the picture and therefore the country wins.
    Let African Americans vote for whom they want without guilting them. If they want Hillary in or if they want Bernie it, then all the power to them. Just as long as that racist antichrist Trump doesn’t get further ahead.
    And really? No politician is going to be sitting pretty for too long. All the good he or she did or will do will be torn down at some point and they’ll be hated just like how Obama’s hated. (I don’t hate him though. He’s pretty cool and sorry to see him go.)
    Of course I’m not an African American, but I still believe that political swaying and guilting in any culture is counter-productive.

    • I am an African-American and I will educate my people on past deeds of whomever I want to, most blacks vote for Hillary, because of the Clinton name, lets not forget Clinton was once called the first black president, by many African-American people. And I don’t disagree that their are other factors, I’m a black man, born and raised in Detroit, that being said the Democratics, especially the Clintons have done more to harm our community than most republicans. Most people are going to vote for whomever they want, even if it’s Trump, who I like more than Hillary, because at least he is honest about his b.s., whereas the Clintons will do some goofy negro dance with us, get our vote and then pass some more laws to lock us up at a much higher rate , for the mostly nonviolent drug offenses that white people commit at the same rate.

      To get back to your Obama comment, Obama has been such a letdown for the Black community, more unarmed blacks have been killed on his watch than on George, W, Bush’s watch, yet on only social justice issue he can talk about is gay rights and women’s rights , all groups that if you’re white, you still are less disenfranchised than blacks. So I could care less about Obama.

      • I don’t think it’s any parent’s place to education and manipulate their children’s opinions politically. My mom told me to vote for a certain person because I was the only person with citizenship. Most people say that person didn’t do well, and personally I don’t care. He wasn’t a horrible person like Trump. Trump doesn’t tell it like it is – he’s brainwashing vulnerable people. It’s all marketing and branding to him. I shudder to think what would happen if he were to win. I personally don’t like Hillary that much either but between the two of them she’d be my choice if I voted. I saw nothing but bad come to the little island of Trinidad since Hurricane Kamla came into power. She followed Manning who decided to do away with agriculture and have the country rely solely on oil. In the end, anyone can scare the bejeezus outta me if they’re elected to run a country. But I still say no one has the right to tell anyone else who to vote for. As for educating the up and coming generations on what has happened within a culture, go for it. It has to be said and hopefully the recipients can digest the information and make the world a better place for themselves and their loved ones.

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