2 thoughts on “In Australia Black School Kids Kicked Out Of Apple Store By Racist Staff”

  1. I hope the manager was immediately sacked when Apple heard about his behaviour and told not to touch any of the products as he walked out the door, with a security guard on either side.

    Australia (one of the world’s richest nations) has a racist, white-dominated and increasingly mean culture. Their behaviour towards asylum-seekers (often from wars Australia, the US toady, participated in) well exemplifies this.

    The genocide of Australia’s indigenous continues via parliamentary and bureaucratic means (no-one knows nuthin’ and everyone’s doin’ their best).

    It is not only a matter of racism but, more broadly, of the suspicion towards and intolerance of any difference.

    Australians don’t realise how thoroughly they have been shaped into cogs in the capitalist machine by having their most self-centred drives brought out.

    Phil Stanfield

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