Days after the University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe resigned from his post ( due to pressure from black student unions, some teachers and the black football players, because of his lack of leadership when dealing with several racist incidents towards black students on campus), the University’s governing board named Mike Middletown, a senior African-American administrator , the interim University president.

Also two university students were arrested for making terroristic threats:

Hunter Park, a sophomore at Missouri University of Science and Technology, and Connor Stottlemyre, a student at Northwest Missouri State University, were arrested for making terroristic threats Wednesday.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch Newspaper : On the social media app Yik Yak Stottlemyre threatened to ” Shoot every black person ” he saw at his school. ”

Park’s threats were not as aggressive, his alleged threats warned students not to come to campus on Wednesday.

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  1. Here in Cincinnati and the surrounding three states of OH, KY and IN there is highly delineated segregation that is rooted in history: both long and short term struggles.Ohio and Missouri have a lot in common that way too. Have been following parallels as I encounter them along the way, too many every day every way. Thanks for the coverage on your blog. I like the diaspora perspective presented.

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