I personally don’t have an issue with a white person being head of a NAACP chapter or or any civil rights organization. In fact one of my favorite freedom fighters of all time is the white abolitionist John Brown, who killed and was killed fighting to free black slaves from his fellow white countrymen. That being said if the allegations by the mother of the president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP are true, about her daughter Rachel Dolezal being white and not black, as she portrays herself, then she should be fired for her dishonesty, and we black people should feel ashamed that a white person can easily infiltrate one of our most prestigious organizations and even make it to chapter president by getting a tan and wearing her hair in curls or braids, which I guess is not as hard as some people may think, when you think about the fact that black people still follow the outdated one drop rule, giving to us during slavery ( which states if a person has one drop of black blood, then that person is black). The fact is Mrs. Dolezal seems to be a good person that cares about the African-American community in her area, she is married to a black man and they have adopted several black kids. That is not the issue. The issue is what if she wasn’t a nice person, what if she was an undercover white supremacist, she could of helped sabotage the over 100 year old civil rights organization. This is a reminder that as an oppressed people fighting for justice and equality, we better be more selective in the people we select to lead us.



  1. The problem with all the articles on the issue is that they seem to make assumptions about the reasons why she chose to be identified as black. Sadly as portrayed in your post, people are assuming that she did it with intention of being deceitful and as a consequence she has been branded mendacious.

    I don’t if I am the only one but the story of Rachel Dolezal highlights a few misconceptions or questions I have always had.
    1. Is race and cultural identity homogenous?
    2. Should people be allowed to change their race for social advancement?
    3. Just like gender, race is also a social construction. Does that mean Race is also fluid and that I can craft my own conception of racial identity?

    I think the discourse that Mrs Rachel’s actions has created is far more meaninful than all the harms identified…

    • 1. I disagree with you, in the link in post she listed herself as part black, so she was deceitful.

      2. You can identify with whatever you want, that does not necessarily make you what you identify with.

      For example I identify with a lot my white friends, that does not make me white, like if you can identify with being a woman, it does not make youba real biological woman.

      • That’s the problem with General society and their perception on both gender and race…. firstly I don’t believe that I am not what I identify with based on a biological genetic lottery. Now I am not talking about Identity in a superficial manner, I am talking about people who choose to be trans gender because they don’t identify with their bilogy. Surely we can’t force them in those gender because biology had told us that’s who they are. That is the same analogy and conclusion I am trying to draw for race..

        Now I am not defending her actions. she could have listed tbat with aims of being deceitfu, but she could have also listed it because that is how she earnestly identify as. My point is we do not have enough to conclusively decide…