In the recent week there seems to be an reemergence of white supremacists terrorism on the African-American Christian community. Terrorism not seen since the 1960’s when white supremacists would set fire to and bomb black churches like the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, which killed four children and injured others in 1963.

Just a week after white supremacist domestic terrorist Dylann Roof massacred nine African-American Christians at the historic South Carolina Emanuel AME church on june 17, six black churches have gone up in flames in the south:

1. College Hill Seventh Day Adventist in Knoxville, Tennessee

2. God’s Power Church Of Christ in Macon, Georgia

3. North Carolina’s Briar Creek Road Baptist Church

4. Grove Baptist Church in Warrenville, South Carolina

5. Fruitland Presbyterian Church in Gibson County, Tennessee

6. The Greater Miracle Temple Apostolic Holiness Church in Tallahassee, Florida

The fires are still being investigated by federal and local law enforcement and at least three are suspected to be caused by arson.

For additional information use the link :

As Feds Investigate Black Church Burnings, Will They Take White Supremacist Terrorists Seriously?


  1. Why now? These racial sentiments are not new or recent.
    Divide and Conquer! Who benefits the most during a racial confrontation?
    The “ruling turds/elite”.
    Let the unwashed serfs fight whilst the oligarchs consolidate their power base.
    Police state, Trade agreements (TPP, TTIP,TISA), mandatory vaccines, poisoned GMO food, multiple attack vectors. 21st century slavery.

    The real terrorists or white supremacists are in Boardrooms and in high state offices. The Globalists crowd – Bill Gates, George Soros, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner – will welcome the collateral damage of inter-racial war.
    All this under hope and change, nobel peace prize winner, CFR turd-in-chief Obama.

    If you were a 0.1%, a rioutous laugh out loud would result whilst thinking: “Dump fucks they fell for it again”.

    • Why now? Well I don’t choose the time or place white supremacist or anyone else for that matter does there wickedness. I agree the the media tries to divide us but it’s the white supremacist that caused these acts, not some billionaire on an island. We can call out the elites but lets call out the racists too!

      • Good, perspective is my point.
        Deal with racists the way we would deal with a drug dealer or murderer. The bigger criminals impact millions of lives. They use Financial WMDs, Biological WMDs as well as their favorite military invasions/bombings.

      • First of all racism is systematic, affects millions of people too, more than homophobia, sexism and everything else American people seem to be ok talking about, but as soon as someone calls out racism, people like you seem to one to put the blame on something else. Well if you truly want to hurt the elitists you should want to stop racism since racism is also a business: corporate prisons, who preys on the African-American community , the miseducation of black people and gentrification. So when are you going to start calling out systematic racism mr. Ebolainfo?

      • I started EbolaInfo because I smelt a very smelly rat about the Ebola narrative.
        I recalled an article I read about HIV and Ebola in the 90s.
        What confirmed the suspicions was AFRICOM going to Liberia under Ebola scaremongering and the OIl/land resources in West Africa.
        So the neo-colonial agenda has NOT stopped. White supremacy as manifest under IMF, World Bank, NATO interventions or policies is clear to see.
        But what I also see happening is the snake eating its own tail.
        The exploitation in brown and black lands has now visited Ukraine and Greece.
        The askari leaders that curse african nations fulfil a purpose that the west is well aware of.
        You can see the lie now in the bombing of Libya, Syria amd interventions in Somali/Eritrea casuing a surge in migrations across the med to Italy.
        Without belittling the lives lost, there is a bigger, global enemy of humanity that cares not for creed or race.
        Jews/Christain/Arabs/Goyim/Satanist/Black/Mulatto/White are in a conspiring brotherhood at that level.
        Responding to the immediate race baiting is easy provocation.
        My focus are the tiny cabal of manipulators behind the curtain not the fools that believe in the racial superiority of the white race propaganda.
        Look here Leon, I have very simple view of white supremacy, its a cheat, tilting the table, marking the cards, deflating the ball, bribing the referee. It is an acknowledgement of inferiority actually.
        Excuse me, I may have taken the sport analogy a bit to far.
        The ruling turds – criminal cabal- will use any means to divide, distract, smear or confuse.
        Yes there are racists and there will always be racists but there is a bigger enemy profiting or even stoking that discord.
        You recall the FBI COINTELPRO program. In Kenya and Northern Nigeria the “jihadists” are paid to join. $1000 will get a jihadist in Kenya.
        So if a mulatto can con liberals, latino and blacks to get into WH, why would it not be possible to find criminals of either race to instigate deeper racial discord. Seems pretty easy to my mind.
        That would be childs play compared to 911.

  2. I wrote about this due to a dream I had two years ago. Racism was invented in the 1600s to quell rebellion when whites and blacks worked together because they were both slaves to the elite. Gave whites some perks and had them identify with the white elite and here we are today. I wish both sides could see this m, especially whites who are filled with hate but it’s certainly a deep problem. Thanks for spreading your message.